Hear what college coaches have to say about Collegiate Soccer Academy (CSA). What do they think of the overall CSA experience? Have they recruited players from CSA camps? How are the facilities? Would they recommend this camp?

Boys' Testimonials

“This camp is awesome for anyone considering playing college soccer. The level of play and the recruitment advice are unlike any camp I have ever attended. I strongly recommend.”
– Connor, Florida

"I’ve attended CSA for the last two years and enjoyed each equally. The camp was fun and challenging. The evaluations at the end were helpful for my own training while showing me my potential level. I had great roommates for two years ranging from Puerto Rico to Alaska.”
– Matt, Connecticut

“CSA is a great experience for players looking to have fun and train in a competitive environment surrounded by a great group of college coaches. The facilities and food are both exceptional and the diversity is of the highest level I’ve experienced. CSA is a great time.”
– Noah, New York

“CSA is by far the most exciting camp out of all the recruiting camps I have attended. The facilities, food, and staff are great.”
– Jesse, NY

“Great experience. Enjoyed working with multiple levels of collegiate staff. Really aided in the exposure to what the collegiate level is like both on and off the field.”
– Austin, Connecticut

"This college camp was a great experience for me being my first college camp. I had a lot of fun playing soccer and meeting new people and also playing at such good facilities."
– Dante, Cayman Islands

"One of the things that I have always liked about soccer is how global it is, and this camp exhibited that unique aspect of soccer. The level of play at this camp was the highest I have ever experienced and everyone was pushed to do their very best by their peers and coaches. Being coached by a variety of coaches with different styles, from different divisions, helped me to experience the expectations and demands that the divisions represent. Thank you for providing me with this great opportunity."
– Beowulf U., Maine

"I really enjoyed attending the camp. The facilities were excellent and the coaching staff made sure every player was involved in drills and matches. Overall, it was a great experience."
– Jackson W., Wisconsin

“The level of soccer is much higher than I have ever experienced and it helped me improve as a soccer player.”
– Matt, New York

“The best part of the camp is students get to see how life is like in BU. Coming all the way from Turkey, I had a great time spending time with other prospective college students and the level of soccer makes the students recognize their level.”
– Kerem, Turkey

“This camp was very useful to me because I didn’t know what level of play in college I could compete at and this camp let me see where I stand in comparison to other kids.”
– Ilan F., New York City

"You really get to know a lot of different coaches. Far over my exectations. Thank you!"
– Leo L., Finland

“I really enjoyed the whole camp. The environment was great and so was the level of play.”
– Jonathan, New Jersey

“The best choice I made about soccer in my whole life.”
– Austin, Massachusetts

“My experience here at camp was great. I got to meet new people from around the world, and play great soccer.”
– Cody B., Arkansas

“The camp was excellent. I had a great experience. Thank you.”
– O.J. Rivas, Miami, Florida

“It was great getting notice by coaches at all levels. It was a great experience.”
– Todd, Illinois

“It was great here. I loved it. I’m trying my best to come back.”
– Kevin R., North Carolina

“This camp provided an opportunity to compete and show yourself in a fun environment.”
– Byrce, New York

“Quality experience.” – Brandon H., Maryland

“The fact the camp had attracted so many good/great players is excellent to know. The coaching is just as great.”
– Tim, Connecticut

“This camp has been delightful. Everyone encouraged each other and worked well together.”
– Thor. F., California

“This camp really was great. The coaches were excellent and they came from great schools. The night games were fun and enjoyed the experience.”
– Jonathan, California

“It was a really great experience for exposure and stuff like that.” It was a great experience to play and meet other people from different states.”
– Graham C., Texas

"This camp was the best college camp I've ever been to."
– John A., Texas

“I feel this camp has given me the confidence I need to play better soccer.”

“The camp was excellent and gave me good perspective and peace of mind about my future.”

"CSA was a great experience. Not only does it pull you out of your comfort zone and demand you to play, but it creates an environment that is good. your level of play definitely increases during this camp."

“I think the camp helped me show how I am compared to great players.”

“I enjoyed the experience and hope to come back next year.”

"Great Camp! Really enjoyed it and it exceeded my expectations."

"CSA is a really great camp for players who want to progress in college soccer. I recommend it."

“CSA was a great camp because they pushed everyone to work their hardest and always gave us tips for improvement.”
– Romulo, Massachusetts

"I really enjoyed this camp because of the quality soccer, great friendships and good food. I also felt the accommodations and dorm room were very good."

“Excellent camp! Made many new friends and the soccer was way above average.”
– Jason, New Jersey

“This camp was way sweet. I would definitely do it again if I were younger.”
– Emran, Vermont

“CSA has made me a more confident and harder working player.”
– Malik, New Jersey

“I am never going to forget this experience. It was awesome.”
– Rene, Arizona

“It was great soccer and an awesome living environment.”
– Axel, New York

“Overall a great experience. I enjoyed bonding with new bros and just playing soccer in general. SCA helps gave me a great outlook on what it takes to get into a college soccer program.”
– Emil, Texas

“The Boston camp is really a great opportunity. The coaches were great and entertaining. I highly recommend it.”
– Edgar, Texas

“It was an excellent experience to see where I am against people from all over the country.”
– Paul, Virginia

"CSA is an excellent place to come to learn about the fame while gaining exposure to college coaches."
– Nils E., London, U.K.

"This is the best camp in New England because of the coaches and the level of competition."

"I had a great time and the level of play was very high. It gave me an opportunity to understand how college soccer works."

"It was the best college soccer camp I have attended. The coaches were great."
– Jordan P., New Hampshire


Girls' Testimonials

"I wanted to pass along that Michayla had a wonderful time at camp last week. She loved her roommate and team (Italy). For a kid recovering from a major injury and one of the younger campers, the camp was just what she needed as a mix of soccer instruction, play, information, and socialization. She made a lot of new soccer friends that she is still in contact with post camp. Thanks so much for your patience in answering all my pre-camp questions. Overall, everything about the camp was a wonderful experience.”
– Shelly Herr, Illinois

"The coach to number of players ratio allowed every player to get notice and help whenever needed. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone serious about playing college soccer because it allows you to get up close and personal with a good coaching staff.”
– Hannah, Pennsylvania

“The standard of football here was amazing and the standard of coaching was fantastic also. I learned so much and met a lot of nice people who I am now good friends with. There is enough downtime to allow for our training and matches. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen. Best experience of my life!”
– Maria, Ireland

“Collegiate Soccer Academy gave me a great chance to play with girls from all over the country who have the same goals as me. I was not only able to work on my soccer skills, but also learn all about college soccer, not just from the coaches, but from the college players themselves who are experiencing it in the present. When they say it’s a camp with development ‘on and off the field’, they mean it!”
– Molly, Pennsylvania

“I really enjoyed my time at CSA. The coaching staff was helpful and I learned new styles of soccer. Also, meeting new people is also a plus. I’ll definitely recommend this camp to everyone back home.”
– Ashley, Virginia

“Collegiate Soccer Academy was very enjoyable, and had a lot of fun. The coaches were very approachable in asking for advice. I would recommend this camp to others”
– Stephanie, Massachusetts

“This camp gave me the motivation to improve and taught me the importance of getting started early when it comes to soccer for college. I enjoyed my experience and the coaching.”
– Lauren, Connecticut

“The coaches were extremely helpful, the training sessions were very focused, and I learned a lot in just 3 days; overall, CSA was a great experience.”
– Maggie, Wisconsin

“This camp was so much fun! The best I have ever attended. The coaches are nice and knowledgeable and the facilities are great.”
– Kelly, Ohio

“This camp made me realize I can do it. CSA gave me confidence to use my skills.”
– Brooke A.,Pennsylvania

“This experience was much more fun than an average soccer camp yet we were still learning the whole time.”
– Sam L., New Jersey

“The coaches all were very outgoing and helpful. Their criticism was always great and constructive. The recruiting Q&A session gave me a ton of great information as did the SAT prep courses.”
– Jena, Cincinnati, Ohio

“This was a great camp run by excellent coaches. I was able to learn while having fun.”
– Taylor S., New Mexico

“I loved the coaches – very fun, yet hardworking. I will definitely considering returning next year.”
– Callie O., Georgia

“I love CSA!” – Taylor, Connecticut

“This camp helped me get exposed to college coaches at colleges I was considering to attend. It helps out a lot.”
– Nicole M., Maryland

“When I went to CSA I enjoyed the constructive coaching from the staff! I would recommend this camp to any player looking to play at the collegiate level.”
– Lauren W., Connecticut

“I learned a lot of techniques in the few days I have been here. The level of play is very high and I am very glad I attended this camp.”

“I came to camp by myself and didn’t know anyone but the coaches made me feel really welcome and really brought our team together.”

“This camp is fantastic. I would recommend it to all serious soccer players wanting to play at any level of soccer. Having a wide variety of coaches allows one to learn the ins and outs of D3 – D1. In addition, you can see various coaching styles as well as playing styles. Overall, the camp is a great learning experience.”

“I loved the training sessions and how we go the opportunity to experience two head coaches’ perspectives on the game. I liked how we had the opportunity to watch world cup – I think that helped the girls bond even more overall. I also liked how we got to practice with the same group of girls – some camps do not do that. Thank you.”

“This is a good experience for someone who is looking at colleges and what they need to accomplish to be able to play in college.”

“This camp was a great experience. All of the coaches and staff were great. This camp is a great way to get in front of college coaches. This camp was a lot of work, but fun at the same time.”

“The coaches’ attitudes were awesome!”

“This camp tests not only your physical capacity, but your mental capacity as well. Through the numerous training sessions and games, I have learned how to push myself to my full potential regardless of what my mind says I can do.”
– Juliana, California

“This camp was awesome and it gave me exposure to college coaches. I met a lot of new people and learned a lot of new things. I would strongly recommend this camp. It is so much fun!!”
– Trisha, Massachusetts

“I had a lot of fun at CSA. It was really great soccer, really great coaches, and a really great college camp experience!”
– Danni, Rhode Island

“I’ve had a great time meeting new friends, experience college coaches, and playing soccer of course. This camp was a great way to prepare for college.”
– Kianna, Connecticut

“The experience was great and I was able to meet a lot of different girls from across the country and internationally. It also helped me to see what college practices are like.”
– Nicola, New York

“The CSA is a camp that allows you to see soccer in the east coast and a harder level of soccer. It’s also a great camp to meet many new people from all over.”
– Karina, Arizona

“The Collegiate soccer academy provided me a change to witness soccer in the northeast. It also gave me a chance to better myself by playing with girls with a high level of soccer abilities.”
– Shelby, Texas

“The coaching and training was great, as well as the level of play. I learned a bunch and feel I’ve improved my game and understanding of the game since I’ve been here. The friends I’ve made here are awesome too. Wicked diverse (good thing).”
– Alex, Massachusetts

“I enjoyed Collegiate Soccer Academy very much. The staff and overall experience was excellent and I do encourage others to attend”
– Molly, New York

"Thanks for providing a great experience for my daughter. She really enjoyed the whole experience."
– Tom H., Ontario, Canada

"My daughter had a fantastic time at camp! Best she's ever been to."
– Rohini H., Connecticut

“I had fun. The coaches were experienced and able to explain everything clearly.”