Check-in Details for Lasell College

Camp Details:

  • Registration will take place between 10:30am-1pm on the first day of camp at Rockwell Hall (33 Forest Ave., Auburndale, MA 02466).  Camper orientation will begin at approximately 1:15pm.  The first meal served is dinner so please make arrangements for lunch.  (Note:  Auburndale is also known as Newton in some mapping systems.)

  • Updated Parking Information:  The parking lot located in front of Rockwell Hall is available during check-in and check-out.  The smaller parking lots surrounding McClelland Hall and VanWinkle Hall are available for parking during check-in/check-out but space is limited.

  • Required FormsClick here for a link to Required Forms.  The Camp Health Form must be received and approved prior to the start of camp.

  • Packing List: Participants must provide their own linens and soccer ball.  Soccer balls are for sale at check-in for $20 (cash only).  Please review the recommended Packing List.

  • A refundable check made payable to “CSA” in the amount of $100 is due at check-in. This serves as a security deposit for Lasell College. We cannot accept credit cards. This check will not be cashed provided the camper returns the dormitory key ($50), access card ($50), issued equipment, and does not damage the dormitory. Within 7 days of the end of camp, checks will be shredded or if you prefer to have it returned, please provide a self-addressed envelope.

  • Check-out will occur between 10:30am - 11:30am on the last day of camp at Rockwell Hall (33 Forest Ave, Auburndale, MA 02466).

  • Emergency Contact Information:  Please make sure all parent/guardian(s) contact information is entered and up-to-date in our system by by logging into your account and reviewing the “Parent/Guardian” section.  In the event of an emergency, we will use this information to contact you!

  • Shuttle Service:  If you require shuttle service to or from Boston Logan Airport, you must submit a completed Shuttle Form 10 days prior to the start of camp.  Click here to download this form.  You will receive an email confirmation of service five days prior to camp.  Please contact us to confirm service if you do not receive an email.

Watching/Visiting Camp:  You are welcome to stay and watch camp. To prevent distractions, we do not permit parents on the field.  Parents are not allowed in the dorms after the initial check-in.

Compliance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) regulations.  The Collegiate Soccer Academy LLC is proud to be an inspected and licensed recreational camp for children in Massachusetts by the Boston Division of Health Inspections.  In order to be licensed, the Collegiate Soccer Academy meets all regulatory standards established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH).