A Parent’s Guide to Communicating With Coaches

It is important for parents to be involved with the recruiting process but parents must not be overbearing.  The prospect should be the primary point of contact – coaches are recruiting prospects, not parents.  Coaches want to learn about the prospect and the prospect needs to be able to independently demonstrate that he/she is interested in the school and soccer program.  Parents must allow the prospect to communicate with the coach and develop a rapport.  The biggest mistake parents make, is not allowing the prospect to engage with the coach.

Questions- How active should parent be in communicating with coaches/colleges?  How can parents can help the process?

Phone Calls –     
Parents should help with the planning of making phone calls and documenting outgoing and incoming calls.  Parents can help prospects by rehearsing outgoing calls.   Parents can also help draw out a calendar to schedule outgoing calls and document incoming calls.  This will allow both parents and prospects to keep an eye on frequency of phone calls. 
Text/Instant Message – We recommend that parents do not use text or instant message with coaches.  Prospects can communicate with text/instant message with any relevant questions and immediate follow-ups for questions that cannot wait until the next phone call. 
Email – Review the materials the prospect is sending, but let the emails come from the prospect's accounts.  It is recommended to copy parents on all emails.  Parents should be aware of developments and the process.  If parents help draft email communication, make sure it is in the voice of the prospect.  Coaches have a sense when parents are sending emails as a ghost writer.  Sending mass emails before or after tournaments is the quickest way to get your child out of a recruiting class!
Recruiting Materials – Parents can research ways to effectively put together cover letters, resumes, YouTube highlights etc for the prospect.  Parents can help proof these documents.  Visit our Freebies page for templates.
Final Decisions/Money Matters – Parents need to be involved in the recruiting process when final decisions and money matters are being discussed.  Unless the conversation is purely financial, make sure the prospect in part of it!

Coaches perspective – Coaches are very wary of parents that want to live through their children.  Coaches want to build a solid relationship with the prospect before the four years in college. 

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