How to Promote your Recruitment at Tournaments


If you are planning to compete in soccer tournaments this spring, make sure you prepare appropriately to maximize your recruiting exposure at the event.  In order to capture the attention of college coaches recruiting at these events, we recommend the following:

  1. Research online the colleges that are going to be represented at the tournament(s).  If you are considering a school, visit their soccer program webpage and find contact information for the coaches.
  2. Reach out to college coaches 3 weeks prior to the tournament when possible.  Visit our Freebies page for free pre-tournament letter and pre- and post-tournament email templates.  Do not send mass emails or copy multiple programs in the same email.
  3. One week prior to the tournament, email the coach with your games times and fields and confirm you jersey number and position and that you will in fact be playing.

Remember that the best way to start the recruiting process is to simply initiate contact. Tell the coach "I am interested in your program. Please evaluate me". Remember college coaches have a limited amount of time to spend evaluating talent.  Players predisposed to attend a given school can make a coach's life easier. Coaches will be more likely to watch you play if they know you are seriously interested in their program.

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