Communicating with College Coaches

Social Media
As a potential college player there are certain rules and regulations that have been established by the NCAA surrounding social media. With the huge growth of social media it is important to be wary of how you use social media and the detrimental effect this can have on your college career.

Player perspective
As a college prospect you have to be aware that potential coaches will be able to see many of the things you post online. If you post something derogatory and inappropriate on social media it is likely that the coach you are communicating with will see the post. This can damage your relationship with the coach and in extreme cases the college may see the post and prevent you from enrolling. Therefore, be conscious of posting content online. It may seem funny at the time but it may have a serious effect on your future.

Coaches perspective
There are certain rules that a coach cannot communicate with you through social media. Coaches are NOT allowed to
·      Post on a prospects wall
·      Use twitter @ feature with a prospect
·      Retweet or favorite a comment, story or article in reference to scouting services
·      Send tweets that endorse you or your team

If you receive contact via one of these methods, be aware that this may prevent you receiving NCAA approval.

Coaches are able to:
·      Follow a prospect on a social media platform
·      Send direct messages
·      Tweet about generic recruiting activities (I will be at the Disney Showcase this weekend)

It is important to understand what is an appropriate way to communicate with coaches. Social media is a great way to reach out to coaches and establish connections but you must be careful of the certain NCAA rules to remain eligible.

General Communication
Another component of recruiting to be aware of is the various rules surrounding communication. Please be aware of:
·      The frequency of your communication with the coach
       o   Coaches have a permitted number of hours and contacts they can have with you
·      First permissible date to communicate with you
·      Methods of communication (as stated above)
·      First permissible date to have in-person or off-campus contact

Similar to social media, it is important to be aware of these regulations to remain eligible for competition. Do not be hesitant to speak to the coach in question if you feel any of these are being violated.