Unofficial vs Official College Visits: Understanding the Differences

There are many rules and regulations surrounding campus 'Unofficial' & 'Official' visits.  If you are new to the recruiting/college search process you may not know when or how to go about scheduling college visits or what to expect on a visit initiated by a college coach.  Visit our blog article "College Visits: Questions posed by prospective student-athletes" for answers to these questions:

  1. When should I take a college visit?   
  2. Should I contact the coach prior to my visit?   
  3. How and when should I contact coach regarding a visit?   
  4. What can I expect to happen on a visit (unofficial/official)?   
  5. How can I maximize my visit?  

Remember that the coaching staff is evaluating you during your campus visit.  They are interested in learning about your demeanor and interest in their school.  They are also looking to see how you interact with your parents and whether you appear respectful and are enjoyable to be around.

To better understand the differences between Official and Unofficial visits, visit our Freebies page and download our Recruiting Guide to Official & Unofficial Visits.