College Soccer Recruiting Opportunities with Summer Camps

College soccer is a highly intense environment, where college coaches work around the clock to find the best players that fit there specific needs for soccer recruiting.  In men's soccer, on average each of the 200+ NCAA Division I programs recruit between 8-12 student-athletes each year.  That's close to 2000+ players going to school.  On the female side of the sports their are over 300+ recruiting a similar number of s-a's.  That's just the D1 level.

That's a lot of opportunities for soccer players to get a degree from an school!

coaching shot square.jpg

The number of opportunities to find your ideal school is obviously limited between how often your team plays in front of coaches or the summer college camps you choose to attend.

Collegiate Scocer Academy (CSA) offers a platform to do both.  CSA Mixes the recruiting club philosophy, while playing in front off and being coached by college coaches.  A variety of small-sided, full game and training with college coaches helps the coaches see your best qualities. 

This maximizes your time in the eyes of college soccer coaches. while giving you a summer camp experiense.

We have implemented a soccer specific evaluation process, which enables two written soccer evaluations or maximium feedback!  We feel the evaluation process is a big part of the CSA recruiting soccer prorgam. 

Great for sending to college coaches....