10 Questions for College Soccer Recruiting Coach - Part 1

Q1. How many of your seniors are graduating this year and what are their positions?  And what about juniors? 

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It is essential to know which players are graduating in the next two classes, so that you can gage your opportunities to play.  For example, if you are a forward and the school is graduating forwards in the next two years, you may have a high likelihood of playing straightaway.  On the other hand, if program is not graduating forwards, you may find yourself on the bench or redshirted?

Q2. How do my scores (GPA, SAT) weigh up to the general admittance requirements of your college?

You don't want to waste your time talking with a coach if you don't have a chance in being admitted to his/her school.  Some colleges/universities allow athletic programs to admit students with lower scores than the average student while some do not.  Coaches can request (and often do) a pre-admittance read of your transcript/scores to determine if you are likely to be admitted to the school.

Q3. Does the school have the major I'm looking for or if not, is there a great variety of potential majors?

Some prospects are entertaining schools because of the strength of the athletic program and a chance to play in the professional ranks. The majority of prospects, however, are combiningacademic pursuits and an athletic performance.  Prospects may have an idea of what they want to study.  Make sure the school offers either the program you require or a degree that facilities your needs.  Many prospects change degrees while in school.  Make sure the school has a great variety of majors to choose from just in case your first major is not what you are looking for.


Q4. How many players have you committed to my recruiting class?  And how many are you hoping to commit?

You need to make sure that the schools you are planning on visiting are still recruiting prospects for your class. If they are not, why go? Schools maybe done recruiting scholarship players, but still looking to fill the remainder of the roster with recruited walk-ons.

Q5. What is your program's style of play and will how do you see me fitting into it?

It's important to know if your abilities fit into the schools style of play.  Prospects should know if you are going to play in a similar role or are the college coaches expecting you to play in a different role or position.  You may want to also ask if the system of play may change in the near future.

Check back in later in the week for Questions 6-10.