10 Questions for a College Soccer Recruiting Coach - Part 2

Q6. Which events will you are recruiting this season/year?

By knowing the coach’s schedule, you can make sure to get all your information (resume, club name & squad number, game times, etc.) to the coaches ahead of time.   You may even be able to influence your club manager or coach to register for a particular event where this coach will be present.

Q7. Would you like me to send you updates to our schedule before and during the events, if you are recruiting the event?

In the weeks leading up to an event, coaches are preparing the recruiting schedule for the event.   That means that prospects have to get the schedules, squad numbers, times of games and field locations to the coach early.  Do not overwhelm the coach, but make sure that you get the information to the coach in a timely fashion.  If you send your information to the coach the last few days before the event, the likelihood that you get onto the recruiting schedule is not good.  You can send a coach update emails from the venue of your games and confirm that you will be playing in the next game.

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Q8. What is your graduation rate for your program?

A low graduation rate might reflect a high rate of transfers or a lack of student support services.  Be wary of a program with a high rate of transfers as this may be an indication that players are unhappy with the program.

Q9. How do you decide if a player is to be redshirted during the course of a season?

Some players are recruited because the coaches see the prospect playing minutes straightaway. Some players show potential and the coaches feel they will offer more in the years to come. Some coaches decide at the start of the year that will redshirt the season, while others wait until the season is under way.  Redshirting is sometimes a good idea as prospects may play more towards the latter end of the playing careers.

Q10. How is financial aid, academic aid and scholarship aid earned and/or distributed amongst recruits and the team?

Financial aid packages can consist of athletic scholarship, academic scholarship, and/or need-based scholarship.  It is important to understanding how this will come together and which if any may change over the four years.  If you are offered a financial aid package, is there a chance it may change over the 4 years?  Some programs will increase soccer scholarships if the player performs well.  While programs can sum academic scholarships and soccer scholarships, most OR ALL programs cannot sum need-based scholarships with soccer scholarship.